Fuel Products

Phoenix Petroleum offers the most advanced and superior fuels and lubricants for all vehicle types from cars, motorcycles, to industrial equipment such as trucks, boats, and all agricultural requirements.

We deliver the following fuel products:


FDWA supply a 10ppm sulphur content diesel to our clients. Low sulphur content ensures cleaner burning and a reduction in emissions. Diesel is commonly used as a transport fuel in both the domestic and commercial markets.


ULP is the most common form of unleaded fuel used by both commercial and domestic spark ignition vehicles. FDWA supply Octane 91 (RON) unleaded fuel.

Premium Unleaded

Premium Unleaded Octane 95 (PULP), provides greater protection from engine wearing. Most modern vehicles are designed for using higher octane fuels and will run with less power and economy if used with regular unleaded fuel.

98 RON

98 RON is a high octane (98) unleaded fuel that maximises engine power and performance, whilst producing less emissions and pollution. It also provides excellent fuel economy.


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